BASTIAN version 2.3.98 is now available.

Bugfixes and New features (updated 2010-10-31)

  • Calculation of horizontal impact sound transmission is corrected again. The level is reduced by less than 0,5 dB in most cases. The error was caused by an error in the summation procedure.
  • Single Number Ratings on Xw's-Dialog (via Worksheet menu/Resulting Diagram)and print-out corrected
  • With doors/windows inserted into the separating element, the net-area is now considered, not the gross-area
  • New dialog "Junction Data" offering to edit parameters of junctions with flexible interlayer (Extras menu/Junction Data) and Printing in section Junction Type with columns E1, t1, f1 and a
  • Dialog Preferences/Options: Limitation of Alpha_k according to EN 12354-1, Annex C, can be activated and limits defined by the user (and print in section Worksheet-Configuration)
  • Dialog "Extras/Structural Reverberation Time/Diagrams" extended by diagram for displaying the Alpha_k's (and enlarged representation of diagrams)
  • Calculation of mass relation M for shifted/staggered junctions corrected (displaying two decimals)
  • Dialog Resulting Diagram has a direct print option whichs prints the worksheet-table and the resulting diagram
  • Resulting Diagram is printed with all available single number ratings Xw's (for the print report as well as for the direct print feature)
  • Menu Worksheet/Print applies the present printing features as defined for printing of the report (not causing to print the first line of the worksheet table to be printed in inverted mode any longer)
  • All print features display the print preview first before actually starting to print:
    dialog Construction Data/Print,
    dialog Resulting Diagram/Print,
    menu Worksheet/Print
  • Print Preview applies the presently selected printing options regarding page orientation (portrait or landscape mode). Exception: dialog Construction Data/Print (always portrait mode)
  • Print-out of construction data contains the material and geometry data
  • Page frame with print-out deleted
  • Mouse click with CTRL-key depressed on flanking element in the 3D-view highlights the corresponding junction, double-click opens the dialog "Junction Type"
  • Worksheet title is printed via File menu/Print (as with direct prints of worksheets)
  • Level difference DeltaL_fs due to facade shape is printed in section Worksheet-Configuration

BASTIAN version 2.2 added the following functions (included in version 2.3):

  • Installations on many computers is now easy, no need for soft-keys. License is accessed from USB hardlock (single-user or network-users, including a monitor software to find who is currently using the license)
  • Displays and prints all combinations of single number ratings and spectrum adaptation terms
  • Table columns width bug is not corrected yet, but more legible results appear now with new SAU database versions (with numbered constructions and shorter names)
  • Extended selection of spectrum adaptation terms, variable reference reverberation time T0
  • New databases may be selected via dialog "Select Databases", e.g. from Holland, Switzerland and Austria (purchased on-line at www.datakustik.de)
  • 3D-view with perspective representation and textured element surfaces, zooming in/out of the room view by using the mouse wheel
  • ASTM-parameters selectable for Detailed Model, worksheet-configuration displayable via Worksheet menu
  • Quick-enlargement of bitmaps/JPEGs (thumbnail expander)
  • Correction of forced transmission radiation factors of flanking elements, also for light weight structures
  • The collated databases now contain more than 2000 constructions, including spectra for outdoor traffic sources, with some data the new Nordic Outdoor Sound Propagation Model NORD2005.
  • Improved BASTIAN-Auralization (demo, info) , especially the new 24 bit 0-30 dB amplification module
  • Double massive partition and flanking walls calculated
  • Range of junctions extended
  • Sound pressure level inside a room calculated, using built-in sources in the database (editable)
  • Several alternatives for calculation of loss factor in situ (according to Craik, Fischer et al)
  • STC / IIC värden according to ASTM displayed in Results Diagram.
  • Easy-copy-and-paste function in the construction database
  • Extended Windows-Help with calculation examples.
  • Extended database for building products and sound sources
  • Sketch files (BMP/JPG) for own building products may be added by the user
  • Export function for sketches from the database
  • Export of all calculated data to MS-Excel
  • Configure print-outs and print-previews
  • Print-outs and print-previews using 15 European languages
  • A bug-fix version 2.1 was distributed for free to BASTIAN v2.0 users. This version corrected a few minor problems in v2.0, e.g. with indoor sound pressure level calculation.andnbsp;
  • The SAU database is only compatible with version 2.3