SUBSCRIBE to SAU Nordic databases (updated for Bastian, SONarchitect and CadnaB until further notice). Databases are maintained by Sonusoft from 2023-03-01,

Subscribe to and use the extensive databases with typical Nordic Building Products owned and maintained by SAU (i.e. by us). The following conditions of use apply to each subscription:

  • Use of databases during 1 year, including regular updates by download or e-mail about 2 times/year, per simultaneous user coded on the USB-dongle(s): EUR 395. There are no multiple license discounts, since the effective price per user is already low. Prices in EUR are converted to SEK through Handelsbanken, including commissions etc.
  • It is possible to convert a subscription for Bastian once, to a version for SONarchitect or CadnaB without further cost, at any time.
  • A subscription on the databases allows the user to apply updated and relevant product information from the databases to a calculation model. The purpose is to make calculations according to EN ISO 12354 as well as printing and storing the documentation of such a calculation. It is not allowed to use, share or publish the information of the databases for any other purpose without our prior allowance. It is recommended to state in clients reports, marketing etcetera whether input data are taken from the SAU Nordic databases or entered manually by the calculation operator.
  • Upon expiration, the subscription period will be prolonged by another 1 year period unless otherwise has been agreed upon at the day of expiration, at the fee according to the 1st bullet point above.
  • Should the subscription be cancelled, all database files shall be deleted from all computers within the company. This action shall be attested by a manager and forwarded to us. It is unlawful to continue using these files after cancellation of the subscription.
  • The conditions of use of the software license apply to the use of the databases as well, as confirmed by the user upon installation of the software. Contact us in case you want to view these prior to subscribing.
  • Any abuse or illegal distribution of files will be prosecuted according to Swedish legislation, and the subscription of database files will be ceased without refunds. Please understand that we have good reasons for this restriction.
  • Database file updates are compatible to the latest version of software only.
  • All prices given in Euro (EUR). 
  • Invoices shall be paid within 30 days from the date printed on the invoice.
  • We are entitled to deliver the database files (or a download link) when the payment has been received.
  • Support on the use of software or the databases is not included in the prices listed. General advice are listed in the FAQ-section (with no responsibility on our part).
  • The advertisers of building elements (manufacturers, resellers, et al) are responsible for the validity of their data herein.
  • We review all product information according to our quality policy (see advertisement conditions) prior to publication in the database, and may reject any information or product that does not conform to this policy. However, this review is restricted to assuring that relevant tests or theoretical investigations have been made and that the product information refer to the construction being submitted for publication in the database. We can not verify the validity of the test results, nor the technical properties of the product described in the documentation submitted by the manufacturer.
  • Generic constructions labelled with SAU, DBA, SBUF, BFR and NBI or similar references originate from public reports, incorporated by us as a service to the subscribers. These data may describe constructions typical for older buildings, renovation projects etc where no relevant building products exist in the database. We take no responsibility for the validity of these generic data.
  • Updates of the database files, or links for downloads, are sent by e-mail as soon as corrections or additional information has been added, with a typical interval of 6 months between each update. Also see FAQ SAU/Sintef databases page below.
  • Training seminars etc. are arranged regularly as posted under "Courses", please contact us.
  • Products advertised in the SAU Nordic database are distributed to users of CadnaB and the SON-architect softwares, through a cooperation with their Scandinavian distributor Norsonic AS (

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