SAU/Sintef databases

Why are the toppings on HD/F hollowcore elements only 25 and 90 kg/m2 in the database - toppings are typically 1-2 cm thicker, meaning at least 20-40 kg/m2 heavier?

This is to account for the curvature of the pre-stressed HD/F elements. The mid of the elements are typically raised 1,5-2 cm and the topping consequently thinner. The weights given in the database are empirical, taken from many field studies so they are very typical for the real applications.

What can I do in case I miss a construction in the database?


  1. Enter your own data into the database. See the manual, page 169. Basically, go to the Database menue, choose relevant product category and then use right hand click to open a submenue. Either choose NewAsCopy, or NewConstruction. Make sure to use input data for the construction as measured in a laboratory, i.e. without flanking transmission.
  2. To find appropriate data for an element, get in touch with the manufacturer or contact us. We have special softwares and a large experience in estimating sound insulation of building elements.
    N.B. In case you enter your own data, make sure to state this in the clients report, or whether you apply data from the SAU Nordic database.

I fail to select lightweight elements in the database menu. Trying to select them via the room view or the table they does not work. Why?

BASTIAN filters the constructions being displayed in the CONSTRUCTION CHOOSER dialog box based on the junction type. So, if a rigid junction (without or with elastic inter-layers) is selected only such constructions will be displayed which are single heavy elements (i.e. matching the junction type). To select a lightweight separating or flanking element please change at first the junction type at this junction accordingly. Then the double-lightweight elements will be displayed. See next item.

Is it possible to enter sketches for user defined constructions?

Yes. Define the image file name in the Database menu and save the file in the Bastian-folder.

For constructions in the optional SAU/Sintef database, the www addresses of the manufacturers are given. Please look for further information at their pages or contact them.

Are the construction data in the SAU Nordic databases the same in BASTIAN and SONarchitect?

Yes. Products advertised in the BASTIAN-databases are also distributed to users of SON-architect software, through a cooperation with their Scandinavian distributor Norsonic AS ( In case you find differences, those are unintentional, please inform us!


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Database SAUdb_Walls_Windows_Roofs_Sources.pdf

There are references in the database to a document called "SAUdb_Walls_Windows_Roofs_Sources.pdf". You can access it here.