SAU Nordic database updated - extensive set of data included !



New solutions from Elitfönster, Forbo, Christian Berner, Granab, Vibratec, Aprobo and IMEX have been added to the database, as well as my calculated data for thick EPS & concrete floating floors.

The subscribers will be informed via the registred e-mails. Contact me if you have not got the e-mail by then end of the day.

This rather extensive database update has been worthwhile waiting for, since it now includes exciting new data:
- Elitfönster, a large set of laboratory test data from IFT Rosenheim and RISE (former SP Borås):
* current range of Original windows, Harmoni windows and MSE windows
* previous data (obsolete) have been removed (contact me if you need those anyhow)
* do not forget to apply for size, if it differs > 50 % compared to lab test size 1.8 m2 (small size, better LF..)
- Granab subfloor for CLT floors:
* with N25 Sylodyn pads under S7000 steel girders, 22 chipboard, 2 floor plasterboards, 70-150 min.wool
* values derived from a combination of lab measurements (at RISE) and Bastian calc's of 12 field measurements
* further discussion on sound insulation of CLT and this subfloor and my report available at
* do not forget to model walls and junctions according to your project descriptions, flanking transmission ?
* in case you get deviating results (from field meas's), please report back to me, CLT is a complicated matter?
- SAU heavy cast concrete floating floors on a heat insulation layer:
* 14 combinations of various EPS or mineral wool boards and 2 concrete thicknesses
* the values have been calculated from EN 12354-2 Annex C and corrected via a set of 7 lab measurements
* contact me in case you find apparent flaws in this set, comparisons to your own experience is encouraged
- Vibratec, suspended ceilings
* various heights, data adapted for both concrete slabs (select S-country) and CLT floors (CA-country)
* impact improvements measured in the accredited laboratory of Akustikverkstan
* airborne sound insulation improvements have been estimated by Akustikverkstan (dR = dL)
* CLT input data estimated by me from the set above, please report back in case you measure different results
- Forbo, two new Habitat carpets for domestic and public domains, with 19-20 dB dLw values.
* Apart from a rather efficient reduction of impact sound in nearby spaces,
* also walking sound in classrooms or office spaces is reduced substantially (>20 dB c.f. thin wooden floorings)
- Christian Berner, 2 TSE Sylomer vibration isolators under laundry machines and concrete bases
* select the IND country and a A-weighted set of "impact sound reduction", where the resulting L'nT+Ci50-2500 = LpAeq
* IMEX, new names of their 2 and 5 mm parquet threaded and durable underlays