Datakustik supports Bastian also under new Windows versions


In a previous post on this web-page as well as in an e-mail to the users sent last week, I expressed concern that Bastian might cease to work after an update of Windows 10. This was not correct, Datakustik will support Bastian also under new versions of Windows. See below.

Today, I have had a positive phone meeting with Datakustik. I now realize I was mistaken about the risk of BASTIAN suddenly stop working. Datakustik will keep BASTIAN running under Windows 10, which also applies to CadnaA and CadnaR. So, updates of
Windows 10 should be continued according to normal procedures. Also the Nordic databases will be updated regularly as usual, whereas the next update will be distributed within a few weeks. Datakustik has accepted my apologies and I also want to apologize all users for the erroneous information sent last week.

If you have any further questions, please get in contact with me or with hotline(a)

Christian Simmons