Where are the database files located?

Unfortunately, due to a change of Windows operating system privileges, some database files must be saved to (or moved to) a local folder ”hidden” under the Users Account. This is because Windows does not allow softwares to write data directly to the program folders, for security reasons.
- The search path may look like in this example (search for Datakustik):
  (e.g. C:\Users\MyName\AppData\Local\DataKustik\Bastian v2.3)
In case you cannot locate the folder, activate ShowHiddenFiles in your file browser.

This applies to the following files: BastianU.dat (if it exists, otherwise Bastian creates this file),BastianV.dat, BastianW.dat, BastianX.dat and BastianY.dat to the AppData-folder. 

- Careful: Do NOT move the BASTIANE.dat nor the BASTIAN.DAT files in the main Bastian folder under C::Program(x86) – they must reside in this program folder. All picture thumbnail files (.jpg, .bmp, .png) should also reside in this program folder.
- In case you have the option AURA (auralization) installed, make sure to move the folder BASTIANSNDS to any newer installation folder where the running bastian.exe is installed. Bastian will ask the user to locate this folder if it is missing.
- In case you are certain you have stored own construction data but you cannot locate the BastianU.dat file, this may be because Windows has moved it to a so called VirtualStore directory, for safety reasons. Locate the file in this VS-directory and move it to AppData as described above:
C:\Users\MyID\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\DataKustik\Bastian v2.3)

BASTIAN HELP does not open

The HELP function in BASTIAN calls the Windows WinHlp32.exe to open. In Windows 7 and later, the user must update this exe-function in Windows. Further information and downloads are available at Microsoft site.
N.B !! Be sure to download and install the right update file, x32 or x64 version. If not sure, go to Control Panel/System to find your Windows version and 64- or 32 bit operative system.

How to Install BASTIAN® version 2.3.XXX? (for Single-User versions)

A0. For local USB HardLock dongle installations, the software version is 2.3.107. Download:

A1. For local USB HASP dongle installations, the software version is 2.3.106. Contact me for a new HASP driver for the dongle, OR, try a Sentinel driver.

A2. For internal network access, you can try using the Silex software SX-Virtual Link that emulates a USB port on each of the computers that want to access the USB device over the network. The computers believe they are communicating with the device via a direct USB connection, but they are actually communicating over the network with a Silex USB Device Server product, or a device. See This connection must be fast enough to allow response to BASTIAN calls for the dongle, see A3.

A3. Server installations - this service is not supported (due to Windows and network security issues)
See Prices and Conditions
A3. For server USB dongle, follow these steps.

- use a PC with Windows XP, Vista or Windows server 2003 as a dongle server.
- a server-license can be used either at a PC configured as a server or at a local PC which is a server simultaneously. The kind of use has to be known when ordering the server license as the hardlock has to be configured accordingly. The driver hlsw32.exe only works with the older operating systems Windows 2000, Windows XP x86 and x64, Windows Server 2003 x86 and x64, Windows Vista x86 and x64.
- do not use a PC with Windows 7 or 64 bit server - this version is not supported.

If a server HARDLOCK dongle is used (correctly installed on an older system acting as dongle server), there should be no need to install any driver on the client PCs itself at all. BASTIAN v2.3.98 typically runs fine on a Windows 7 Client PC (using a license from a network dongle), also Windows 8.1 has been tested in a few cases. The PC should preferably be located in the same subnet as the dongle server. For remote access, there are no warranties, but it could work if the access time is fast enough. Please make sure that no firewall is blocking the communication between dongle server and client PCs (port 3047 for both TCP and UDP). Please also note that there are various issues with newer operating systems that the user has to solve manually: - the online help for BASTIAN will not work out of the box (solution: see - there may be some issues with missing user access rights for the BASTIAN.INI file in the Windows directory and the DAT files in the AppData/Local directory if the user has no local administration rights. Sorry for any inconveniances.

Does BASTIAN run on old PC computers?

Could be, but only Windows 7 and newer are supported since Microsoft has abandoned Windows XP.
Some HP (former Compaq), HP and Toshiba portables may refuse installation. This is mainly caused by non-standard Windows components, e.g. sound cards, graphic cards and network administration plug-ins to Windows. We can not take any responsibility with respect to such dysfunctions. Try installation on a different computer.

Some panes in BASTIAN do not display correctly, parts appear outside of the frame boundaries (and there are no scroll bars available to show the rest).

This may happen with Extra/Preference pane on some computers but not all. Try and change size or type of font, view size, resolution etcetera in Windows (Control Panel, Appearance, Screen) to another setting. Also check the settings of the graphics driver. If you use minimal font size, try medium or vice verse. This dysfunction may be caused by non-standard Windows components, e.g. OpenGL drivers, graphic cards and Windows. We can not take any responsibility with respect to such dysfunctions.

Can I add options later?

You can add more computers, auralization options, databases at any time! Mail us!

Saving *.BAP files does not work / Other software ceases to work after BASTIAN-installation. Why?

Reason 1: A conflict causes these errors, where another software is registred in Windows to associate its data files with the *.bap file extension.. E.g. the B&K Qualifier software uses this extension. The problem is easily solved. Use the Windows Explorer, choose menu Show, item Alternatives for folders, sheet File ext's, and remove the associated task and software for the *.bap extension. NB, consequently, it will not be possible to double-click on the *.bap file and load BASTIAN automatically. Open the files from the BASTIAN File menu. Remember to store the files in separate directories.

Reason 2: The file name and path name exceeds 128 characters, including .BAP. Choose a shorter name, or save it to your local drive first, e.g. your desktop. Then move it to the right folder.

How do I define my Extra/Preferences settings?

These are default values that we recommend all users to assign, at least for a start. (These are stored with each worksheet, so you may check them later using the Worksheet Configuration option. The configuration may also be included when you print a file from the File/Print menu). NOTE: the preferences can only be changed from the Extra/Preference menu option, not from inside the Worksheet Configuration which has the OK button dimmed for this reason.

  • tab Calculation; Calculation Model = Detailed, 1/3 octave bands
  • Structural Rev. Time (1) ...Annex C
  • tab Performance parameters;
  • DnTw + C50-3150 and
  • L'nTw + Ci50-2500 (your preferences).
  • D2m,nT,w + - OR Ctr OR Ctr50-3150 if you intend to calculate indoor sound level. If you choose R'45,w, this value correspond most closely to measured value R'45,ls,w according to ISO 140-5, the loudspeaker method.
  • tab Options; Corr for Struct Rev Time: Annex C
  • tab Radiation Factor; Check both boxes (see manual).

How to install BASTIAN 2.0-2.1?

Call or mail us in advance to alert about the need of softkeys. Make sure to login with ADMIN rights to install software on your computer. Turn of any anti-virus software (temporarily). You may close your Internet connection. Turn of any other software running. Install the software. Start BASTIAN, a dialog box opens: You will be prompted with a 1st key (schlussel). Copy this key (no extra blanks). Keep this dialog box open and Mail the 1st soft key to us WAIT for response AND do NOT turn off the dialog box. Copy and Paste the 2nd key and UserName (Lizensnehmer) EXACTLY as recieved from us by e-mail. If the OK button does not turn black, try to cut-and-paste the 1st key in the dialog box, repeat with the user name field. If this fails, double check EACH digit/space/letter of both
soft keys and the name. If the OK button turns grey, but no action
follows after pressing it, double check that you do have the
admin-rights (BASTIAN Install must be allowed to publish the softkeys in
the Windows registry).

If this fails as well, call us at +46 709 72 72 65. If you have typed the 2nd key and UserName, repeat cut-and-paste. Go to the Extra menu and change "Sprache" to English. Extract all of the zipped BASTIAN?.dat database files and JPG files attached to our 2nd code response mail (if you have ordered this option) to the Bastian folder. Restart. See Preferences settings.

I do not get the first softkey coming up at all...?

Fill in all data, including client and company name (v1.1).

The 2nd softkey that I have received does not work. Why?

The 2nd softkey you receive from the BASTIAN-hotline is generated based on the 1st softkey you have transmitted. In case you have quitted BASTIAN after having transferred the 1st softkey and restarted it for entering the 2nd one this combination will not work. Please ensure that the dialog box for entering the softkey-numbers stays opened until you have recieved the 2nd softkey.
>>>ALSO make sure to fill-in the appropriate client name and company EXACTLY as recieved from us, and to give us the correct client data. For version 2.0, the client name is defined by us, DO NOT CHANGE any part of this information.See above.

During installation in Win98, the procedure is interrupted (red cross coming up), possibly caused by a memory allocation violation error.

Try exploring the CD using the Windows explorer. Try installing on another computer. Typically, too many applications are running (in the background). Restart computer. Turn off all programs running not needed for the purpose of installing BASTIAN. Press CTRL+ALT+DEL, mark and terminate all auto-applications running (e.g. virus protection, fire-walls, Office shortcuts, modems, sync-lines, printer monitors etc). Install from the beginning - most of time this solves the problem. After installation is complete, restart computer to re-activate all accessories (which may be needed).