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Who can use BASTIAN, is it for acoustical experts only ?

BASTIAN may be applied to solve various tasks in the building design process. For non-experts, it is safe and simple to calculate sound insulation within a given model of the building, e.g. to change room size, type of flooring, suspended ceiling, wall lining, door, window etc. Use one of the 35 pre-defined examples that may be ordered from us (use the "Kontakt" form).

However, it takes some acoustical experience to make an adequate room model with respect to structural couplings between building elements, taking into account the parameters that influence the power flow between the building elements and the loss factor. Input data of building elements may be adapted to the actual case, e.g. function of light-weight floors that depend on the coupling to the supporting walls. Consulting an expert to refine the calculation model gives high return-on-investment since the constructions may be optimized to meet a given requirement.

Is there a quick tutorial to BASTIAN?

Yes press here. Choose a PowerPoint slide in English (eller på svenska) that gives you a flying start! You may then be helped by a short course through the internet or given at your company.
If so, contact us!

The joint #14 "light-weight wall or slab that connects to a massive partition" looks like it will give strong flanking transmission - is this correct?

The pictogram may be misinterpreted such that the L-W wall seems to be continous across the junction, thus giving unacceptable flanking transmission. This is (of course) not the case. The massive partition blocks/interrupts the lining. In case the intention of the user is to apply continous lining (e.g. a suspended ceiling in offices), apply junction #15 and give Dn,f data for the flanking element. Refer to the manual (on-line Help, or PDF-file on the BASTIAN CD)

Worksheets, how many may be opened?

8-10 are enough, save additional sheets to a new file. BASTIAN 2.3 uses more graphical memory than previous versions, and more than 10 worksheets may cause file-save errors.

Can I use light-weight constructions as in EN ISO 12354:2017 ?

Yes. Just choose the appropriate junctions BEFORE you choose elements. However, for timber joist floors on light weight walls, BASTIAN may underestimate the impact sound caused by flanking transmission. See manual and the FAQ advanced calculation section.

What about changes in the database, in case I would like to trace back?

Data taken from old versions of the database are stored in each project file (*.BAP). Thus, each calculation is documented with the element data valid at this occasion. Printing the worksheet or exporting to Excel displays all data. In case you still would like to use previous versions of the database, send us a mail. We save all versions distributed from 1999 AC.

Are there standardized outdoor spectra available?

In the SAU database, lots of traffic and outdoor noise spectra are included, some harmonized with the new Nordic Calculation Model for the Propagation of Noise (Nord2005). This helps choose the right light-weight walls, outdoor air inlets, windows and renovation glazing have been added (contin. fall 2003). Outdoor levels refer to free field + 3dB, i.e. 2m in front of the façade (unless otherwise is stated in the description). Indoor levels refer to the diffuse field.

Which operative systems run BASTIAN?

Most PC:s work. Look at the Conditions page. Make sure to have admin-rights upon installation, se installation section of the FAQ.

Is there a network version of BASTIAN available?

Yes, there is a networking solution - BUT NO SUPPORT IS offered, see prices&conditions. Still, every client needs a separate installation. The number of SAU Nordic Databases must agree with the number of simultaneous users on the server dongle.
   Note, Windows 64 server versions are not offered. There may be other network access limitations that hinder a succesful implementation. Thus, unfortunately we cannot assist in network installations since they are related to your internal network infrastructure. In case you already run CadnA over the network, a BASTIAN network licence can be added to the same dongle and under the same limitations.