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Demos & Technology

BASTIAN® Power Point presentations. RightClick and Save a pps-file on your desktop, then DoubleClick the pps-file: in English eller på Svenska.

System requirements

BASTIAN® uses less computational resources than CadnA, CATT-Acoustic and similar. However, small graphic cards can make changes in the appearance of the construction model slightly slower than typical.

You may use most Intel-compatible PCs, (min. CPU Pentium 4), but with less memory available for graphics, the maximum number of open worksheets may be reduced to 8-10.

Some portable computers may have their own (small) graphics and sound cards (non-standard) which may cause some problems, see FAQ-Installation! Changing to 16 bit colour resolution in the system and/or change View/Appearance Coloured inside BASTIAN may reduce efforts on the graphic cards. If Open GL is active, it ususally works fine. Also, make sure to upgrade the BIOS of the graphic card to current edition.

- Auralization: Pentium CPU
- CD-ROM unit
- Operative systems:

  • MS-Windows NT 4.0
  • Windows 7, 8.1 and 10 (x64 tested) work fine, no time lag on graphics if Open GL v2 is active.
  • MS-Windows Vista work fine if the hardware USB lock and the HASP software are allowed to communicate.
  • MS-Windows 7 and iMacs with Intel processors and Windows emulators (VMware Fusion) work fine provided that the hardware USB lock and the HASP software are allowed to communicate. Graphics may be somewhat slow, ensure Open GL is activated. Even with Windows 7 x64 within Fusion this works fine.