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BASTIAN Prices & Conditions


  • New BASTIAN® 2.3 USB/CD for 1 user, with 4 European databases (#1,4,5,9), with UPS normal freight: EUR 2360!
  • With the European database no 1 only, with UPS normal freight: EUR 1860 (express handling +EUR 80)
  • Server dongle (from 2018-11-07): For installation in a local network, if company computers can connect to the server dongle without any delays. In case you already have a CadnA key running, the Bastian license may be included on the same dongle through a v2c-file. NOTE: this option may be ordered AT YOUR OWN risk and there will be NO SUPPORT as to the installation/use, because of frequent problems related to local network configurations. Price : EUR 250
  • More users, see NOTE (1)
  • Add the auralization option - let your clients listen to the results: + EUR 840

Upgrade to BASTIAN® 2.3

  • Alt I: Upgrade from BASTIAN® version 2.2.x to 2.3.103/104 is free, contact us for download link.
  • Alt II: From one BASTIAN 2.0 or 2.1 CD, upgrade to a Single-User local user USB dongle version of BASTIAN 2.3 and the European databases 1, 4, 5 and 9 (see May be installed on several computers. To run BASTIAN 2.3, the dongle must be connected to the active computer. This option is recommended for users frequently working out-of-office where VPN access is not possible. An activated auralisation option in version 2.1-2.2 will be activated in version 2.3 as well (included in the upgrade price). With UPS normal freight: EUR 640.
  • Alt III: DISCONTINUED: upgrade to a Single-User SERVER-Based USB dongle version of BASTIAN 2.3
  • Alt IV: DISCONTINUED: upgrade to a Multi-User SERVER-Based USB dongle version of BASTIAN 2.3
  • NOTE (1): Add more licenses/dongles from EUR 1300 (incl UPS freight). Contact us for a price quota.
  • NOTE (2): Remote access to network dongles via the company network is NOT SUPPORTED (security issues made this option obsolete)
  • NOTE (3): Users from schools and universities, or users of version 1.0 or 1.1: Contact us for a price quota.

Last update: 2017-08-22. Previous updates: 2007-11-12, 2008-07-12, 2010-10-31, 2011-01-18 , 2013-03-08, 2013-11-20, 2015-09-28, 2016-08-30, 2017-01-09


  • Prices and conditions may change without notice, e.g. with fluctuating exchange rates.
  • All prices given in Euro (EUR). Prices in SEK determined by us at the day of purchase, using FOREX exchange rates.
  • Invoices shall be paid within 30 days from the date printed on the invoice.
  • Conditions of use from Datakustik GmbH for the BASTIAN license apply (as must be confirmed by the user upon installation. They can be viewed later from the BASTIAN help menu.