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On the use of EN 12354

This page has been focused on fast publishing of information of general interest to users of the standard EN ISO 12354 and of a dedicated software. The ISAC forum may contain newer papers and hints, contact us for membership.

Also look at using EN 12354 as search criteria.

  • CIB/WG 51 and Forum Acusticum 2002 discussed Kij between light-weight junctions and the work is carried on in COST FP 0702. This is a complicated matter. Hopefully, there will be extensions ready for CEN in 2012. See FAQ-adv.calc.
  • See InterNoise2000 (Nice), ICA2001 (Rome), InterNoise2001 (The Hague), Forum Acusticum 2002 (Sevilla)

Papers from Building Acoustics 6/3&4

  • Prediction Models in Building Acoustics: Introduction to the special session at Forum Acusticum 1999 in Berlin. Eddy Gerretsen and Trevor R.T. Nightingale.
  • Inter-Laboratory Test of Sound Insulation Measurements on Heavy Walls: Part I - Preliminary Test. Part II - Results of Main Test. A. Schmitz, A. Meier and G. Raabe
  • An Investigation into the Reproducibility Values of the European Inter-Laboratory Test for Lightweight Walls. R.S. Smith, R. Pompoli and P. Faust
  • Measurement of the Vibration Reduction Index, Kij on Free-Standing Masonry Wall Constructions. C. Hopkins.
  • Evaluation of EN 12354 part 1 and 2 for Nordic Dwelling Houses. Dan Brøsted Pedersen
  • Accuracy of CEN-prediction models applied to German building situations. Heinrich A. Metzen. Order from
  • About the auralisation module in BASTIAN, written by the psychoacoustic research group in Aachen: See paper in Acustica by Michael Vorländer.
  • About the building acoustics research at TNO: