Applications, database

- Manufacturers may advertise products in the databases to help clients choose appropriate products that comply with regulations on buildings. The calculation model takes the influence of surrounding building elements into account, which makes the life easier for the manufacturer.

- Consultants may prescribe products from the database whenever feasible, since they may trust data being published and applied by several colleagues. Errors are encountered and corrected from time to time, which keeps the quality assurance process alive and more efficient than any consultant could achieve on their own.

- High performance products prove their superior function easily. Nevertheless, products with less acoustic performance may be acceptable (comply with the requirements) - as can be documented with a simple calculation. If the price is an argument, the acoustic function may be acceptable even if it is not the leading product in this aspect.

- BASTIAN® and the databases facilitate communication between the actors of the building design process, i.e. designers, manufacturers and contractors.

- BASTIAN® makes sound insulation issues handy. Now, it is easy to make sure the overall sound insulation of floors, walls, windows, doors, ceilings and air inlets meet the specified requirement.

- Make calculations as a service to clients, to assist their choice of products, or to improve own knowledge.

- Clients who use BASTIAN® ask for documented data, which help reduce irresponsible competition.

- Clients have access to updated product data and calculation models, effortless compared to keeping paper files updated.

- SAU and SINTEF Byggforsk coordinate databases. One entry is enough to reach users in all Nordic countries. Read more under the linked pages for Subscription (left column).

Consultants may use BASTIAN® to calculate values* according to all International and European standards. The calculation algorithms follow the EN 12354 parts 1-3

The values of building elements may be selected from databases covering more than 2000 Nordic and European constructions. The software enables everyone to calculate acoustic insulation correctly, easily and quickly. The use of EN 12354 correspond to the general requirement on responsability of consultants stated in the widely used ABK 96 (and the newer ABK 09). Relatively simple calculations, e.g. choosing a flooring, window, door, air inlet, suspended ceiling etc. from a readily made calculation model could be done by building consultants (some sample input files may be ordered from us), but modeling the building structure requires experience in building acoustics. Refer to the FAQ section.

*) From 2013, the SONarchitect software also includes these Nordic databases, by an automated FTP-access.